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Bilgisayar ve internet

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Çocuk ve Bilgisayar
31 Mart, 2002
Personalized package for kids and teenagers contains search engine, video player, text editor and audio player.
23 Nisan, 2002
Teaches elementary students about computer tasks including saving, email, computer decorating and the internet.
23 Nisan, 2002
Young adult network offers HTML tutorials, a guide to C++ programming, and reviews of books and products.
23 Nisan, 2002
Free web site themes for download.
23 Nisan, 2002
Free Email, including POP3 and web based access.
23 Nisan, 2002
A tutorial designed for people who have never used a computer before. Step-by-step instructions on how to use a...
23 Nisan, 2002
Get your Web license from PBS Kids or join their panel of web site judges.
23 Nisan, 2002
Explore the six lands of Planet Zoom or find adventure on Outpost Z2.
23 Nisan, 2002
ThinkQuest site explains what cryptography is, how it has been used in the past, and the potential it has for the...
23 Nisan, 2002
A topic of the larger site, this area includes the basics of how to use the computer, using the internet...
23 Nisan, 2002
Provides definitions of common computer terms and uses each word in a sentence.
23 Nisan, 2002
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